Insight Interview: Tim Schaufert

Berlin native Tim Schaufert is known for his precise production execution, working closely with CASHFORGOLD and achieving a pure euphoric tone that resonates throughout the community.

Tim has a strong presence in the scene with a large following on Soundcloud and Spotify, currently edging towards the 200k monthly listeners mark on what’s classed as the largest music streaming service out there. We were grateful to hear Tim had accepted our invitation for an Insight Interview, we were keen to find out about his journey so far.


Hey man, thanks for agreeing to do an interview with Insight. Where are you currently based? Do you travel a lot, or are you firmly rooted at home?

Thank you for the opportunity. I was born and raised in Berlin and am currently living here. I used to not travel a lot, mostly because of a lack of money, but now being in a long-distance relationship with CASHFORGOLD, who is based in Detroit, I’m happy to get around more and experience some new places.

When was your first real exposure to music?

My childhood music taste I don’t remember much, but my first interest in electronic music started when I was a teen when I started making CD mixes to bring to home parties. One day a friend dropped by at my house with the suggestion that we made our own music to play at those parties. I downloaded a cracked version of Fruity Loops and started making some awful sounding music.



What’s been your proudest experience to date?

Around one and a half years ago I wrote down a list of 5 goals I wanted to achieve in music. When I crossed the last one off that list, after receiving a confirmation email for a MrSuicideSheep upload it was a euphoric moment.

Over the past 12 months you’ve collaborated with CASHFORGOLD on a few records, how did the partnership come about?

She sent me a mail on Soundcloud, asking about making a track together. We quickly discovered that we had the same zeal to pursue music and immediately clicked in our working style. In July 2017 she came to Berlin and things became more than just a working relationship.

What’s your favorite record right now? What album out there are you really enjoying?

I haven’t been listening albums really, but Hanz is my favorite Artist right now, he manages to incorporate Trap elements into Chill music really well.

How about your favorite record of all time?

Burial – Untrue

It’s a little bit dated now though, I feel like electronic music has not only changed, but also improved over the last years.

We’ve seen you release quite a few singles on a regular basis, which has seen your presence in this space flourish over the last year. Are you looking to release an EP/Album anytime this year?

If I’m making an EP or Album it needs to be with a purpose and plan in mind. A label that will really promote it, or with the intent to tour that album. If there is no such plan I think singles are the way to go for me for a while.

Tell us a little more about your sample pack ‘Tranquility’. What software do you use to produce your sounds?  

I’m a minimalist and end up deleting a lot of filler sounds from sample packs I buy, leaving me only the good stuff. I would like it better if sample packs focused more on quality rather than quantity, so that’s exactly what I tried doing for my Tranquility sample pack. Deleting everything that wasn’t on par, asking friends which sounds aren’t good enough and then exchanging them. I use Bitwig as my DAW, I am very happy with it except some bugs.

Are you currently working on any new material you can share with us?  What lies ahead for you as a producer?

There’s a lot of tracks in the works. The spring/summer will be filled with near-weekly releases of both some solo pieces and then lots of collaborations with CASHFORGOLD.



What’s your musical goal for the next few years? Is there something you’d love to achieve in your career?

I’m always writing down new goals. Mostly I want to keep grinding away at music, having to produce as a daily habit, pushing my production boundaries on (nearly) every track. And I’ll give you my most presumptuous one, getting a “Top 500 in the world” badge on Spotify.

Any life goals?

Being able to live off of music for a long time, traveling to and being in nature, living in a warm place. Actively going after whatever it is I want at the current moment in my life so that when I’m older I don’t have regrets about what I could’ve done.

Which artists would you love for us to go and check out?

CASHFORGOLD, Dawncall, Hanz, AK, Konane (release more music dude)

Has there ever been a piece of music or an experience that shaped you to become the musician you are today?

It’s a cumulation of a lot of small things. All the different musical influences I’ve soaked in over the years, all the people, books, thoughts I was exposed to shaped me slowly.



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