Insight Interview: Wandr

Following on from their latest label release ‘A Time and Place’, Madison based producer Wandr spoke a little about their musical career so far and their heavy influencers.


Please tell us about yourself in a few words (who you are, where you’re from, what you do etc.).

I am a 26 year old from the US, working full time as a chemist, and also “full time” as a producer

What is the story behind the origin of your artist name?

I think experiences make you as a person, Wandr comes from the search for that. We wander before we find ourselves.

Who are your major musical influences?

When I first got into this genre of music it was guys like Jacoo, Phelian, Enzalla, etc. But I think currently, artists like Aether, Oscuro, Sublab, Vesky, and Ambyion are really just doing groundbreaking stuff and pushing the genre further than ever

Are there any other musical projects that came before your current artist identity? If so, what triggered the change in direction?

Oh man… I started making music thinking I could sing (I can’t) so recording shitty covers with just guitar and drums, then moved into trying to make house music (unsuccessfully again), then into Dubstep and heavy bass music. Each of those came with a different artist alias, that I hope stays buried forever… But for me, the ambient chill music is just what I want to make, and the feeling I want to portray in my music.

Out of your entire body of work, is there one track that means the most to you and why?

I would say right now my track “A New Beginning,” means the most, it was the first track I wrote after a long battle with some mental health problems and prolly the first time I got back in the studio in over a year. So that one really marks a change in my music, and in my life.

As an artist, what would you say is your ultimate goal?

I had some tough times when music was really an escape for me, I want my music to be that same relief for someone. I’ll get comments like “man, this song really hit me… I needed that” and those kinda moments are what really means the most to me with music.

Any particular artists you’d like to work with?

Sublab. Vesky. Oscuro. lol in no particular order

Any advice you can share with those just starting out?

Nothing comes overnight, and the reason the guys that are so talented are sooooo talented. Is practice, you have to put in thousands of hours. Don’t get discouraged. also finding likeminded people you can share your music with is key. Getting good feedback from friends within a particular genre, or even music in general.

And finally, are there any artists that are relatively unknown that you’d like people to know about?

Shoutout Seafarer <3

Thanks for the time guys, it was super cool to get to do this



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