Insight Music Announces New Alternative-Rock label, Noon Records

Early this year, some of our fans may have seen the introduction of Noon Records casually being shared across our channels, well we’re proud to share that our new venture, Noon Records, is now up and running!

Inspired by the recent shoegaze revival, Noon Records supports and releases music of alternative-rock genres, such as grunge, dream pop and shoegaze.

That’s a substantial musical shift

It really is, but it’s clear to me and many others that our musical tastes are not just confined to a handful of genres, in fact, I myself have a playlist for dozens of different genres I enjoy at various times throughout life.

I wanted to create a new label that was separate to Insight Music, but carried across the same purpose in supporting new and emerging artists, just like the Estonian alt-rock 4-piece Buzhold, who’s debut album “What It Meant?” was also our first release over on Noon Records.

Insight Music has its place in the world of ambient, chillstep and future garage, but my love for emerging bands and their raw sound, needed a place of its own.

Along with bands comes touring, and with touring comes merch and a whole new level of fan experience. For me it was important to lay a foundation in live sound and tour support, something that doesn’t quite exist yet at Insight.

We’re back to cassettes over at Noon Records along side some great looking CD’s too

Why now?

It’s always been on my mind, in fact when I was 16 I used to tour in a 4-piece band myself. Music promotion and basic business is always so difficult to navigate for any young band or artist who rightly should be focusing on the creatives and not trying to juggle everything themselves.

Buzhold, four young lads from Tallinn, Estonia, reached out to me in October 2023 in need of label support. I heard a few tracks they had recorded themselves and knew straight away this was the beginning of something special.

I would play the tracks over and over, especially the single ‘Woven‘, whilst thinking to myself, this is insanely good. I knew I had to devout what time I had to bring Noon Records to existence.

Why Noon?

I spend far too long trying to come up with super intricate names that have philosophical meaning that derive back to greek mythology. I must have come up with 30 names and didn’t like any of them.

‘Noon Records’ was actually my partners idea, in fact it was her first and only idea, and I loved it.

I’m a fan of alt-rock too, what can I do?

If alt-rock is your thing, whether that’s grunge or shoegaze, we’d love for you to consider signing up for our Noon Records newsletter via our website, which will also grant you a free download of the single above!

You can also follow us on Instagram, and if you really like alt-rock and supporting emerging bands, check out Buzhold on Bandcamp and their debut album “What It Meant?“.

Lastly, we also have a great Spotify playlist we created to help share the awareness of not just new and emerging bands, but also the early innovators of these immersive genres. Follow our ‘Haze’ Spotify playlist.

Noon Records – Where the past, present, and future of alternative music converge.
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