Insight Music Announces Partnership with Symphonic Distribution

We’re thrilled to announce that Insight Music is now a partner of the incredible music distribution service, Symphonic!

In our ongoing quest to broaden the horizons of our label and connect with an even larger audience through our remarkable back catalogue of artists, we find ourselves closely examining the decision to transition to the Symphonic platform.

Why Symphonic?

Wondering about the motivation behind this change? We’ve always aspired to broaden the reach of our label’s music across various platforms, and while our previous distributor had limitations, Symphonic opens doors to over 200 platforms, including notable ones like Beatport and Juno!

Having delved into the intricacies of the Symphonic platform, we are genuinely impressed with what we’ve discovered. The potential for our music to reach a wider audience is now exponentially greater. We are eagerly gearing up to migrate our entire catalogue to Symphonic, and we can’t wait to kick off the new year with this exciting transition!

So, why the switch?

Being candid, our experience with the previous distributor wasn’t without its challenges. We grappled with a problematic distributor dashboard, exorbitant fees, and an ineffective YouTube Content ID system that seemed to never function correctly. This led us to the frustrating task of reaching out to Soundcloud support via email every time a YouTube channel requested video whitelisting. As we approach 2024, such hurdles are simply unacceptable.

Enter Symphonic— a game-changer for us. Not only are we now enjoying significantly improved royalty payouts for our artists, but their system and support are nothing short of impeccable. A true litmus test for a support team is their responsiveness within 24 hours, and Symphonic passes with flying colours!

Looking ahead, Symphonic is poised to become the permanent home for all Insight releases, both past and future. Their partner benefits provide us with everything a label could wish for: stellar data analysis, specialised services, fair pay sharing, and a dedicated marketing team.

For those keen on delving deeper into what Symphonic offers, explore their website or compare their distribution tiers here. The future of music distribution looks brighter with Symphonic at the helm.

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