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Insight Music Celebrates 30k Soundcloud Followers

Insight Music Soundcloud

A decade of showcasing the incredible talent of underground electronica, today we celebrate 30k followers on Soundcloud <3

It’s an incredible achievement and one that reminds me of just how far Insight has come. In this post, I’ll be sharing a few of the stats behind Insight Music on Soundcloud over the last 10 years, from most played single to popular listening destinations. Thanks for 30k!

907 Uploaded Tracks

A big number! You’d have to scroll back a few years to find out which single we uploaded first (we’ll leave that one for you!),

12.1 Million Plays

Another big number! That works at around 1.21 million plays a year, or just short of 101k plays a month 🔥


You guys really share the love and have supported a crazy amount of artists! On average that’s 186 likes per uploaded single on our Soundcloud channel!

Most Listened Country – USA

Absolutely smashing it over the pond! Keep up the solid work!

Most Listened City – Moscow, Russia

Turns out future garage is a pretty big hit over there!

Top Played Track – Alicks // Giants Under the Sea

You’ve given this one a listen over 236k times, sharing the love with over 3k likes! Amazing work and such a special single for us over at Insight.


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