Insight Music now on Audius

We’re happy to announce that the Insight Music catalogue of releases can now be enjoyed via Audius.


Audius is a brand-new streaming platform built for all musicians and not just those signed to labels. It allows users to build a fanbase, share their works in progress and publish their music, allowing a global fanbase of musicians to stream, like and repost the content.

This week, we created our Audius profile and began to upload our label content to the platform, in hope of reaching new listeners and gaining exposure towards the artists.


It’s free to sign up to


Founded in 2018, Audius has been titled as a major competitor to the much loved Soundcloud platform. Many of the communities influencers can already be found on the platform, such as Antent, Sibewest, Rhekluse and the acclaimed wave label The Games We Play.

We’re looking forward to our new venture on the platform and in supporting the underground music scene here in the UK!


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