Insight Music Releases Autumn Glow’s ‘Crystalline’ EP

Autumn Glow - Crystalline EP [Artwork]

Insight Music is proud to present our latest release in the 5-track ‘Crystalline’ EP from familiar artist Autumn Glow.

Swiss ambient and garage producer Autumn Glow has become a staple of Insight Music in recent times, and we’re delighted to collaborate with him once again through his latest EP. Check out his Insight Music artist profile on our website here.

It’s been far too long since I’ve sat down to share anything on our blog, and I’m grateful to be here with you all once again.


Established in early 2020, Autumn Glow is a Switzerland-based producer with two 3 Insight label releases to his name.

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What to expect

The EP opens with its namesake, ‘Crystalline.’ This track carries the future garage feels you’d expect, beginning with beautiful slow-panning atmospheres accompanied by vocal chops. These soon form the foundation of the track as we’re pulled into the first chorus-like section of the track with deep bass and garage percussion. Fascinating creative touches complete the single, like not bringing in the piano at all until partially through the first chorus, and adding drill-like adlib before the second. Autumn Glow knows how to bring his own touch to the genre we all know and love.

‘Interlude’ comes next, and is as you would expect; a short and atmospheric break between tracks. Tracks one and two actually run together, with the last few piano notes from track one running into the intro of the interlude. Dark pads accented by different Foley complete the final minute of the single.

Next, we come to ‘Silent Nothingness.” This piece is darker than the first, with a haunting pluck and piano driving the melody. Lovely vocal samples appear throughout the entire track, many distant and panning to add to the haunting feel. I love the balance between distant, reverb’d atmosphere and the hard hitting percussion, the production is fantastic in this piece. The creativity in both composition and production is wonderful.

The intro into track four, ‘Existence’, is likely my favourite intro of the EP. It comes in softly with piano and light ambience. Slowly introduced harder hitting instrumentation progresses as it builds up into the first chorus. As a whole, the song holds more details that colour the piece to keep it interesting and refreshing. Some of the strings sound reversed with the melody having been played backwards and flipped to create a beautiful texture and sound. All together, another solid track.

We come to the end with track five, ‘Inner Truth (Crystalline Reprise)’. As a Crystalline reprise, we expect this to be reminiscent to the first track. If my ears are correct, the outro piece is simply the first 10 or 15 seconds of ‘Crystalline’. Stretched and reverb’d with added Foley and textures. As an abstract ambient artist by hobby, I am in love with this outro. I can’t think of much that would top this outro both in sound and in idea.


Autumn Glow has once again brought his beautiful sound to our label, and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to review the release. My words will never do justice to this or any EP I may review, so please take a listen yourself.

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