Insight Review: Bucky, ‘Love Is Real’, July 2019

London’s most hardworking garage producer returns with a summer scorcher of an album…

Say anything you like about UK garage producer Bucky, but don’t say he doesn’t work hard. With three full-length LPs under his belt in the past year alone (plus a slew of incredible LPs, EPs, singles and remixes in the couple of years before that) he is definitely a prolific soul. This would not count for anything at all, of course, if the music wasn’t consistently amazing. But it is. And this latest offering is no exception.

‘Love Is Real’ is a summer scorcher of an album and could very well prove to be the definitive summer soundtrack of 2019 for garage lovers. There’s definitely something for everyone here, from the beautiful soulful opening sounds of ‘Love Is Real’, to the deep emotion of ‘My Heart’ and ‘Threw Her Love Away’, to the classic UK sounds of ‘Southend’ and ‘Over You’ (with the always brilliant Mahoney Outcast on vocal duty in the latter) and finally to the lovelorn bars of ‘Still In Love’ and ‘Tender Love’. Love and regret play an enormous part in this album’s essence – anyone who’s ever indulged in a romantic fling or felt the pain of a love lost (summer or otherwise) will find something here that resonates. Awesome stuff.

Speaking about the creative process, Bucky says: “The summer album just manifested itself really. I don’t know why but at the start of the year I just kept on writing love songs. After ‘True Colours’ I didn’t plan on doing another album. To be honest I say that after finishing every album, as they are so much work to do and promote. But it just happened. I just started writing more music and all these lighter love songs came flowing out and then it dawned on me that the right time for it to come out would be the summer as the vibes were lighter and not so dark. I wanted to make something people could place a few tunes in their memory of summer 2019 with. I often get instagram videos of people playing my tunes at the beach or sometimes chilling on boats or at Barbecues, even out door raves 🙂 I think that everyone really looks forward to the summer every year, and when it is done I just want to be a small part of their memories in a sense. I’d like to believe that in a few years time they might hear something from ‘Love is Real‘ and remember summer 2019 and relive a memory of that time through music.”

We’re very glad it did just happen, it’s a stone-cold classic! Be sure to enjoy with a cold glass of pina colada and a deep sense of nostalgia for lovers and summers past…<3

‘Love Is Real’ will be released here and here on 14th July 2019. You can pre-order it now.


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