Insight Review: Menual x Spaceouters // Affection LP


Tuesday 25th July 2017 saw the release of the ‘Affection‘ LP by Producers Menual & Spaceouters, but also the birth of two of the scenes future idols.


The 12 track atmospheric future-garage LP which is available to purchase via Bandcamp, features some of the most delicate and emotional vibes associated with underground electronica. This is music to enjoy and absorb, an album that will continue to grow and reach new heights over the coming months. It’s great to hear such a perfect free flowing album, 12 tracks that harmonise with one another so perfectly to form one extremely well produced LP.

The collaboration album produced by the two Russian producers features some of their most creative work, showcasing their talent in tracks such as ‘Meadows’, ‘Affection’, ‘Nightscape’, ‘Strangers’, ‘Traveller’, absolute classics that are right there sitting beside one another. The atmosphere created is one we all admire, featuring elements of ghostly percussion and distant synth and vocal chops, creating that nostalgic imagery we all long to hear.

Editors favourite: Track 7 // Traveller

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