Insight Review: SmokeFishe – Living With the Ghosts

Monday 2nd October // Tonight we share with you the hauntingly beautiful 5 track EP release titled ‘Living With the Ghosts‘, produced by the Russian multi-genre producer SmokeFishe.

The self released atmospheric future-garage EP carries  deep sorrow, beautifully captured in the delicate piano pieces that float from track to track. The rhythm and sound design create a field on intense pleasure whilst distant echoing vocals cry throughout the release. We recently uploaded the single ‘Sleepwalking‘ on our channel, which to me breathes intense euphoria, bringing back glorious past memories of my earlier years with Insight.

Listening to one track in particular, ‘Hypnotized’ breathes production masterclass, with some of the most purest of original garage bass and unique synth leads. It’s certainly one of the feature tracks on the EP for sure and certainly the highlight track showcasing the artists insanely talented production skills.

This EP is a spectacle of talent produced by up and coming artists from around the world, a feeling that gives me great pleasure to be supporting. Be sure to support the artist be streaming the EP below or purchasing the EP via Bandcamp.

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