Insight Review: Thinnen – Creature of Habit

Monday 23rd October // What is it about music you find compelling? When you hear that something special which triggers that feeling of euphoria within? For me it’s a mixture of melody and rhythm, when structure, style and instrumentation come together in such a way it takes you outside human boundaries. This record, ‘Creature of Habit‘ was everything I ever needed to hear.

The 6 track EP by Manchester based producer Thinnen is a record which entranced me. The music caught me off guard and spoke to me intensely, a style so pure and organic with such a natural euphoric feel throughout. I felt compelled to review the EP for our website and to showcase the talent of Thinnen. The EP is out now on Bandcamp and can be purchased here.

Let’s talk about a select few tracks from the EP which you really need to hear.

Track one / ‘Back to You’

As opening tracks go, this is up there with the best. ‘Back to You’ sets a definitive style and mood for the EP, a track layered with entrancing percussion work and sweet sorrow vocals. This is the track that opened up the door between myself and the artist, a track from an EP I’ve learnt to adore in such a short space of time. The instrumentation and uprising of the structure is what really brings the track to life. You have these great little breaks where the percussion drops out and you’re left with a soft distance pad with angelic vocals, then suddenly the percussion adds a whole new dimension to the mix, gradually building and becoming more intense throughout the track. It’s quickly taking over my life, which feels like pure bliss.

Track four / ‘Mirror Me’

A slightly deeper undertone to this track, but it’s beauty still shines through. ‘Mirror Me’ is a very special addition to the mix, bringing more precise percussion and heartfelt vocals. The design of the atmospheric background plays a subtle but prominent place in the tracks presence, creating a sense of sorrow and sadness. The layering of the percussion and pads in the second half of the mix adds great intensity to a track which was already laced with a deeper meaning.

Track six / ‘Home’

A majestic ending from a track which defines perfection. Incredibly powerful yet so beautifully simple, this is the music I long to hear. Let the percussion and distant echo of the keys and vocals take control, this is one of the purest sounds you’ll hear this month.

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