Insight Update: Ecepta To Release New Music

Dutch producer Ecepta is one of our very favourite musicians here at Insight. And we have some great news – he is about to return with a series of image-inspired future garage releases which you’re bound to love as much as we do.

Ecepta’s beautiful future garage tracks have been captivating fans for years now. Two of his past releases have really stood out for us. The first was an incredible homage to Burial’s classic album ‘Untrue’ – a collection of remixes, ten years to the day after the original release, which were striking in their ability to capture and even build on the fundamental essence of Burial’s music. The second was 2018’s ‘Sleepless EP‘ with Azaleh, a collection of five flawless, incredibly emotional tracks with a wonderful narrative running through the entire release. Magical stuff.

And now Ecepta is set to return with a series of two-track singles which are each inspired by their respective cover images.  The first, ‘Cambium / Abscission’, set for release tomorrow, is inspired by a beautiful image of greenery which truly is conveyed through the music. It is a sublime release, and leaves us really excited to hear the whole series.

As the artist himself nicely summarises:

“Since I feel like it’s getting harder and harder for me to creatively express myself within Future Garage, I decided that I wanted to take some time discovering and trying out new things.

I came up with the idea of making a bunch of 2-track singles. Every single has its own unique style/sound and they are made to fit a very texture-based artwork. Don’t worry, the music won’t be too different from what I’ve been doing before, but I felt like this was a good way to experiment and to try out something different too.”

Stunning stuff. Do not miss it!

‘Cambium / Abscission’ will be released here and here tomorrow. Check out Ecepta’s entire back catalogue if you haven’t already done so, he is a truly gifted musician.

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