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Insight Update: Ecepta to release ‘Untrue’ remix album on tenth anniversary of original

Tomorrow marks exactly ten years since the release of Burial’s genre-defining album ‘Untrue’.

In celebration of this iconic album, Dutch future garage producer Ecepta has created an entire remix album, with a brand new twist on each track in the original album!

This is an amazing achievement. The difficulty with Burial remixes is that, a lot of the time, the original tracks are simply unimprovable. The remix artist needs to put their own spin on the tracks – to celebrate and transform rather than attempting to improve the original. Ecepta manages this wonderfully in this album. Each track is a fresh and unique take on Burial’s classic music, which makes this remix album a wonderful new spin on those tunes we’ve all listened to so many times over the past decade. You can hear the care that has gone into these remixes – they clearly represent a celebration of and homage to the original. Ecepta – we salute you!

While we are here at this juncture, it is of course worth taking a minute to consider the truly mind-boggling impact that ‘Untrue’ has had on the landscape of electronic music. It’s hard to overestimate just how much music would not be with us had Burial not released this album. And it’s as fresh and timeless now as it was back in 2007. A genuine and enduring classic, and one which in our opinion will be relevant for far, far longer than ten years…

Ecepta’s remix album ‘Untrue’ will be released tomorrow.

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