Insight Update: Honeyruin releases surprise two-track EP ‘Angel Of Mercy’ via The Games We Play

Irish future garage producer and friend of Insight Honeyruin has dropped an incredible new two-track EP via our sister-page The Games We Play

The EP, featuring double A-side tracks ‘Angel Of Mercy’ and ‘Angel Of Sorrow’, represents Honeyruin’s most complex, polished and sophisticated work to date – as well as his most profoundly moving and heartfelt. Shade of artists like Burial, Glo and Owsey are there, but Honeyruin brings his own unique sound and style to the music so that the listener is left in no doubt that this is a genuine Honeyruin work of art – an elevation beyond simply being a product of its influences.

Honeyruin told Insight: “These two tracks are without doubt the most emotional things I’ve ever created. It took a lot out of me to make them – I feel quite emotionally drained having finished them, but hopefully I’ve managed to convey the huge amount of feeling I wanted to convey through these tracks”.

It is without doubt a testament to Honeyruin and the future garage style in general that such a strong sense of feeling can be conveyed though electronic sound alone.

A true work of art. We’ve said it before, but in an age characterised mostly by soulless music, an artist as profoundly emotional and affecting as Honeyruin is a rare treat indeed.

‘Angel Of Mercy EP’ is available here and here. A physical release will follow.

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