Iris Ipsum’s ‘Pattern Language’: Genre Fusion and Innovative Sound Design

Artwork for the 'Pattern Language' album by Iris Ipsum

A captivating journey that traverses the realms of IDM, Breakbeat, and Ambient music, ‘Pattern Language’ is a truly unique and immersive new album from Iris Ipsum.

In this blog post, we review the 11-track album that evokes a multitude of emotions and genres in what is set to be an incredibly dynamic listen. 

Within the dynamic realm of electronic music, artists persistently pursue innovation, crafting immersive soundscapes that envelope each and every one of us.

One such visionary artist is 21-year-old Solomon Rosenthal, the mastermind behind Iris Ipsum. Renowned in both the Los Angeles and New York electronic music scenes, Rosenthal has gained recognition for his innovative fusion of genres, cutting-edge sound design, and affiliation with the esteemed Touched Music label.

On September 29th, 2023, Iris Ipsum unleashed ‘Pattern Language‘ an 11-track masterpiece that showcases his prowess in IDM, Breakbeat, and Ambient music, expertly mastered by the talented John Tejada.

As we immerse ourselves in the captivating sonic landscapes of ‘Pattern Language,’ we witness the evolution of electronic music into uncharted territory, guided by the visionary genius of Iris Ipsum.

Artwork for the 'Pattern Language' album by Iris Ipsum
Artwork for the ‘Pattern Language’ album by Iris Ipsum, release on UK label Touched Music.

Album Review

The journey commences with ‘Scatters, Remnants,’ the album’s introductory track. It envelops the listener in a beautifully captivating yet frigid sense of space, with ethereal depth that evokes imagery of a vast, open snow cave or an unending underground tunnel. This track’s cutting-edge glitch-infused IDM sounds create a comforting, yet stark presence that serves as the core of our digital world.

Sonomer’ introduces us to electric, vibrant vibes, delivering a progressive and pulsating rhythm that maintains an organic and directional essence. This gentle piece of IDM takes the listener on a journey through a dynamic soundscape, showcasing Rosenthal’s ability to craft intricate soundscapes.


Midway through the album, we encounter ‘Breathydreadbox,’ a standout track that happens to be a personal favorite. This piece is a mystical labyrinth of atmospheric IDM, featuring a melodic synthesizer line alongside pulsating percussion and glitch-like sounds. The result is an immersive experience that is both calming and hypnotic.

For those who found solace in the earlier tracks, ‘Scatters, Remnants’ and ‘Breathydreadbox,’ the album’s outro track, ‘Parallel Plane,’ promises an equally enchanting experience. Iris Ipsum’s remarkable talent for crafting otherworldly soundscapes shines through in this piece, where cold yet vibrant environments come to life with the energy of pulsating percussion. Each track within the album captures a profound sense of depth, with melodic ambient atmospheres soothing the soul, while piercing percussion grounds the listener in a vivid reality.

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on 29th September 2023 and can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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