Italian Producer FALLEN Showcases ‘Tout est Silencieux’

Monday 1st October // Released in late August, ‘Tout est Silencieux‘ is a 6-track ambient and experimental album from Italian producer Lorenzo Bracaloni (Fallen). Focusing around live instrumentation and sound design, the album was written between April and June of this year and presents itself in a subtle dream-like state.

Lorenzo Bracaloni has been producing music since 2005 and has released several albums on various European labels during that time. 10 years on in 2015, the artist began the transition of writing more ambient-focused pieces under the alias Fallen, in which resulted in the release of ‘Secrets of the Moon‘, a 6-track album that contains dreaming atmospheres, dramatic and melodic drones. Since then, Fallen has released an array of dynamic titles that can be found on their Bandcamp page here.

The English translation of their latest album title is ‘Everything is Silent’, which is incredibly fitting when we listen through each track. A calming and almost still-like presence is formed when experiencing the album, especially during my personal favourite single on the album, track 2 ‘Chèrement‘. I am captivated almost every time I hear such a deep stereo field laced with mesmerising piano and guitar hooks. The space captured in this track is simply divine, a perfect balance of a droning ambient soundscape and a stunning collection of intimate live instrumentation.

Here’s what the artist himself had to say about his latest album release:

“Tout est Silencieux” takes shape in a relatively calm period for me: a period of great change, of earthquakes and jolts, having also had to adapt to new situations and circumstances certainly exciting and even complicated. The record tries to evoke all those moments of calm, emotional tranquillity and relax, taking the necessary distance from our modern hectic life and from our possible foggy memories.”

Released on the French label Triple Moon Records, the album is available for digital download via their official Bandcamp page here.

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