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Koronis – Circuits

For fans of experimental electronica, the latest Koronis release may be of some serious interest to you.

Circuits’ is a stunning concept album exploring the relationship between classical instrumentation and experimental electronics, released on the New Zealand label Vénka Industries. The album features a haunting yet well executed combination of instruments such as guitar, piano, strings and organ whilst laced with aspects of music technology, such as electro magnetic waveforms and raw oscillator tones.

The album is composed of two working pieces: a digital component and a 7” vinyl component. The digital component is comprised of 5 tracks: A1, A2, Intermission AR, B1, and B2. The 7” is home to tracks A1 and B1. Although each individual track is meant to stand alone in it’s playback, one can also layer the songs over one another to create a larger composition. The recommended complimentary tracks are: A1 to A2 and B1 to B2.

This unique and beautifully crafted album is available on  limited edition 7″ vinyl which is highly collectable. You can purchase your copy by here.



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