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Lazarus Moment Releases Ängel EP

‘Ängel’ is the latest release from Swedish producer Lazarus Moment.

Released on the Satellite Era label this 6 track EP sees Nils Kirchberg, the man behind Lazarus Moment, produce a body of work that showcases both his ability to craft beautifully deep Future Garage and his growth as an artist.


Opener ‘Sanning’ captures this perfectly; Washed out atmospheres and a 2-step beat acknowledge the UKG and ambient influences heard across the EP before introducing reverb-drenched guitar lines that float through the piece, bathing the listener in waves of melodic ambience. 

With title track ‘Ängel’, however, Kirchberg pushes his sound into more experimental territory, creating a soundscape of discordance and dissonance not often heard in future garage. A hypnotic low-passed beat underpins droning textures and vocalisations, the track slowly building in intensity before collapsing into itself in a wash of noise and disjointed percussive elements.  


The Artwork for the 6-track EP ‘Ängel’ created by Viktor Kadic


Closing out the EP, and my favourite track, is ‘Unforgiven’.  A slow burn of ethereal atmospheres, flashes of electronica and skittering beats, underpinned by a brooding reese bass combining to transport the listener to a peaceful, almost otherworldly space.   

Satellite Era describes the EP as ‘some of his greatest and most matured work yet’ and I can’t help but agree. ‘Ängel’ is the sound of a producer spreading his wings. 

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