Lazarus Moment Releases “Cold Distant” EP

Unwind and contemplate life with us as we discover beauty in Sweden-based Lazarus Moment’s latest ambient EP.

Before I dive into my experience with the EP, I’d like to share a few words from the artist himself.


“What I wanted to convey was simplicity, as of lately my personal life has been a complex rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts, with this EP I wanted to try and remind myself and others to try and not put too much pressure on ourselves. To just try and live our life’s with simplicity in mind, and not worry too much about our complexions. The title “Cold Distant” refers to how I have been feeling lately regarding this simplicity, the ability to find it and appreciate it has felt cold and distant. The tracks from this EP, are mainly produced using hardware.” – Lazarus Moment

As I begin listening to this 4 track EP, I must say that there is not a better time this could have come for me. I have been dealing with an unexpected loss, and as I came back to work, this EP greeted me as the first blog post for me to write. To Lazarus Moment, I say thank you. It is always necessary for us to sit back and be encompassed with simplicity, and that is truest for my life today.

What to Expect:

As presented, this EP is a beautiful work of simple soundscape ambience. The main structural divide can be made grouping tracks 1 & 4 (Cold Distant, Exodus) and tracks 2 & 3 (Interferent, Memory). The middle tracks of the EP are wide ambient atmospheres with slow moving chord patterns that melt over you. Most pure soundscapes are such, with no distinct melody or lead, just a slow evolution that carries you away. Track 2 does till have a synth melody, but I have grouped it with track 3 as it still is quite slow moving with the evolution of the atmosphere itself. The EP is held together at the top and bottom with the same sentiment, but with strong, ethereal synths leading a more melodic track. The leads pull the soundscape along with them, driving the pieces. It sounds like a modernized version of 80s music you may hear in something like popular Netflix series “Stranger Things,” which also adopts atmospheric music lead by strong synths.

After several listens, I still am unsure which track is my favorite. Lazarus Moment composed the EP very well, with a very distinct journey outlined in only four tracks. We begin with a strong purpose, feeling as though we may be thinking too much. This gives way to the body of the EP which, as already mentioned, coaxes you into relaxing and enjoying the simplicity of sound and music. We end with the widest atmosphere of the EP that is pushed along by the most beautiful synth pattern.

I encourage anyone with an overwhelming life to give yourself time to listen to this EP, as the artist has created it to help slow you down.

Where to Stream/Purchase:

You can follow the imbedded links which lead you to SoundCloud, or you can head to the Bandcamp link below. Read our 2019 Insight Interview with Lazarus Moment here.

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