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Lazarus Moment Releases ‘Twisted Paths’ EP

Lazarus Moment - Twisted Paths EP [Artwork]

Swedish ambient garage producer Lazarus Moment releases the magnetic 4-track EP ‘Twisted Paths’ on Bandcamp.

Known for their unique blend of ambient garage (often referred to as forest garage), the Insight label artist adds another captivating EP to their already sterling Bandcamp discography.

Featuring all of what we love about the dynamic style of Lazarus Moment, the EP showcases the rich talent of atmospheric sound design and distant shuffling percussion. Those ghostly vocal chops run deep within each single, adding to the already mysterious ambient journey the listener is abiding.

Announcing his latest EP, ‘Twisted Paths’, Lazarus Moment describes it as “darker, yet still atmospheric”. The title track opening the  EP certainly lives up to that billing. Recalling the more experimental moments of previous release, ‘Ängel’, ‘Twisted Paths’ opens with a crackling, morphing wave of droning textures before giving way to a throbbing bassline and clattering drums. Pulsing synth lines flickering in and out give the track an almost alien, futuristic edge.

This is followed by a collaboration with Hajimari. All off-kilter, jagged rhythms and deep brooding reese basses. ‘Disrupted’ sees Lazarus Moment’s deep atmospherics complemented by Hajimari’s punchy production style to great effect. Crafting a dense mix that firmly cements the darker vibe established with ‘Twisted Paths’.

“You find yourself at the opening of a mystical musky forest. The wind is blowing and it is slightly cold, but still sunny. As you decide to take the leap, and venture into the unknown.”

Rounding out the EP are ‘Roots’ and ‘Open Sky’. The two tracks offer a counterbalance to the darker atmospheres established on the first two tracks. ‘Roots’ bouncy 2 step rhythm and warping bassline is infused with eastern vocals melodies and soft, evolving pad textures that swirl around the hypnotic groove, while ‘Open Sky’ evokes a sense of space and transcendence. Waves of harmony and rhythm gently ebbing in a wash of vocal textures.

Dark and atmospheric, this collection sees Lazarus Moment’s more experimental side refined and honed into some of his strongest work to date.

Available to download via Bandcamp here. Support Lazarus Moment on Soundcloud, YouTube and Instagram. Read our Insight interview with Lazarus Moment here.

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