‘Lie to Me’ EP by Matt Manser: A Captivating Blend of Ambient and Dance

Matt Manser, a London-based DJ and producer, debuts his talent with the mesmerising 4-track EP, ‘Lie to Me.’

With an intention to traverse through various sonic landscapes, Manser crafts a seamless fusion of ambient tranquility and energetic rhythms, showcasing his prowess in genres ranging from future garage to chill electronica.

The EP’s diversity allows it to serve dual purposes: as a soothing backdrop for relaxation and as dynamic tracks for the dance floor.

“‘Lie to Me‘ oscillates between serene ambient compositions and vibrant beats, all enveloped in captivating atmospheric textures.” – Matt Manser


EP Review

The EP opens with an ethereal allure, drawing listeners into its world of floating ambient atmospheres. Each track unfolds with a sense of purpose, skillfully transitioning from one mood to another while maintaining a cohesive sonic narrative. It’s evident that Manser’s background in genres like house and drum and bass influences the rhythmic intricacies and melodic nuances woven throughout the EP.

One of the EP’s standout qualities is its sense of progression. From the opening track ‘Lie to Me‘ to the closing single ‘Hold On‘, Manser takes listeners on a journey that gradually build momentum with each passing moment. The infusion of future garage elements adds depth and dimension to the overall sound, creating an immersive listening experience that resonates long after the final track fades out.

Lie to Me‘ is not only a musical endeavour but also a testament to Manser’s artistic vision and versatility. Available for download on Bandcamp and streaming across all major platforms, this EP serves as a promising introduction to Manser’s talent and sets a high bar for his future endeavour’s.

Whether enjoyed in solitude or as part of a lively set, ‘Lie to Me‘ invites listeners to immerse themselves in its captivating blend of ambient serenity and dance-worthy beats. Matt Manser has undoubtedly made a striking entrance into the electronic music scene with this stellar debut EP.

Release Date and Streaming

The EP released on Friday 26th January and can be purchased via Bandcamp, or streamed across multiple platforms here. Interested in discovering our artist catalogue? Head to our artist page here.

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