Logic Moon & Atmøsphäre Release ‘Fading’ EP

I happened upon this 4 piece EP through soundcloud, and while I am a couple weeks late, I felt the need to blog about it and help get it out there a bit more.

By now, most of you regular readers know I’m a lover of atmospheric music, and once again I’ve been washed through and through by an EP released through Ambientologist. I didn’t know existed until 20 minutes ago. First, here’s the description of the EP as found in BandCamp.

Logic Moon and Atmøsphäre come together for the first time to bring forth ‘Fading’, a carefully assembled study of light and dark – or rather, the convergence of the two. Rarely is one without the other, and their ever changing interaction inspires curiosity and humility. One minute light dances in the dark, and the next minute the shadows mime their way across illuminated canvases.

        Logic Moon’s deliberately faint compositional style, coupled with Atmøsphäre’s ear for musical space, combine for something noticeably more affective than their previous solo outputs. Hints of early Tim Hecker and Bersarin Quartett shine through, placing the listener in a quiet contemplation, as controlled thought flickers in the stillness. Light fades in, and then fades out again.”


Short Personal Note

The artists’ description is acutely accurate of this EP and the feelings you get from it, so I won’t belabor the point. The design of these atmospheres is incredible, easily some of the highest quality atmospheric music out there. The foley is mixed in so beautifully you hardly distinguish it at times, each track is seamless in its composition and production. You truly do feel the ebb and flow of something, in this case being the presence of light and dark. I love the idea these artists have presented in one not being able to exist without the other. How would we know what silence is, without the presence of sound? These two ideas are quite related, and are represented in this collaborative work.

I simply wanted to get this out there for all of our readers and listeners, it is very worth your time. Read over the artists’ description of this work and listen, and really feel the movement of each track. I hope you are able to get peace out of this as I have.

Where to Steam/Listen

As is typical, you can follow any of the embedded links to take you to their related SoundCloud page, or you can follow the BandCamp link below.


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