lost.empathy Releases ‘false awakening part I’ on Insight

The artwork design for the release 'false awakening, part I' by lost.empathy

Experience a deep chill and emotional soundscape in this latest ambient future garage single release from lost.empathy.

The single ‘false awakening, part I’ is the first release from lost.empathy on the Insight label. Capturing a haunting ambient soundscape, it’s easy to see how impressed we were when this landed in our inbox!

This style of ambient electronica is a genre you could easily lose yourself too. It has the atmospheric blend of haunting ambient soundscapes and natural progression that delivers time and time again. ‘false awakening, part I’ captures a mood of intense loneliness, haunted by memory and loss. We welcome you to hit play on the video below and become absorbed by the sound of lost.empathy.

The single ‘false awakening, part I’ is now available across all digital streaming and download platforms. Including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Bandcamp, you can find your preferred link here.

We’d also like to thank TALL DRAGON and Opera Infinita for their support of the single and promoting ‘false awakening, part I’ on their YouTube channels.

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In the artists own words:

I started to make atmospheric electronic music two years ago. For those two years I was noticed by the Russian future garage community (ATMOSPHERIC SOUND vk group, T&P podcast, Nebula Radio, Bad Vibes vk and many more). I was also supported by Ambient YT channel, Antent and his label Staycode, VMDM label, SGM Vibes community, Gate community and many artists who supported my sound. Also I had a few collabs with local guys, it was a great experience. So I started to create more music to play it live, and I played my unreleased stuff in Saint-Petersburg for a few times but then the war began.

“I write music because I’m into it and it helps me out from hard emotional stuff.”

I like to use analog stuff, playing guitar, synths and creating complex soundscapes and sound design elements. It takes so much time but I love the process and the skill which I get after sleepless nights.

I left Russia on my own this spring (I’m an IT-guy) after I felt that rallies would make no sense at all. Now I live in Istanbul and am trying to get my whole family out of Russia. So for that period I had like half of a year pause in music production. I’m a bit terrified right now because of the situation so I don’t want to tell people where I’m from. That’s why I deleted my placement from every platform.

I write music because I’m into it and it helps me out from hard emotional stuff. I feel like I have the vision and that I must create things which can catch the moment and can be reflective for others, also being chill and immersive at the same time. So for now I feel that music is such a thing which will never leave and I’m glad that I can make it and find it everywhere around me. Also playing live is such fun. Hope I can find a place in Istanbul to play music which I love the most.

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