Menual Releases Future Garage EP ‘Unknown’

Moscow-based future garage producer Menual shares his latest EP ‘Unknown’.


The latest work from Menual is a fine example of the creative genius and production quality of the Russian producer, demonstrating his extreme talent in capturing imagination through sound.

‘Unknown’ was released on the 5th February 2021, arriving on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and select other digital streaming platforms.

Known for their classic tracks such as ‘Nightwalker‘ and ‘Fakelove‘, Menual is no stranger to releasing some of the most inspirational sounding future garage beats to hit the community. In 2017, Menual collaborated with fellow Russian producer Spaceouters in releasing the ‘Affection‘ LP, a 12-track masterpiece we reviewed here.

With over 5k followers on Soundcloud, it’s easy to see why Menual is leading the way in the underground future garage scene. ‘Unknown’ carries the potential to be an iconic and future classic EP, with the opening track ‘Salvation‘ creating a powerful statement.

Executed with precision, ‘Unknown’ is certainly listed an EP that captures the imagination. We encourage you to take a listen and support the EP via the link below.


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