Multi-Media Artist Jesse Woolston Releases ‘µstructure’

Thursday 17th May // New Zealand native Jesse Woolston (formerly known as Koronis) has officially released their 6 track concept album µstructure. The inspiration came from their exploration into installation art, detail, and the microscopic world they had fallen into whilst creating the art book that partners the music. Jesse’s former work includes ‘Circuits‘, a 6 track concept album exploring the relationship between classical instrumentation and experimental electronics released earlier in 2017.

Along with the release, Jesse has also built an Audio Visual installation that will be displayed all over the world. Debuting next month in both San Francisco (MUTEK) & Miami (Digital Graffiti Projection Festival), Jesse has also been nominated for a 2018 design award. This comes as no surprise after viewing the incredibly creative design surrounding their alias.

The latest album release is best heard whilst fully engaged with the conceptual album and nothing more. Allow the atmospheric soundscape and distant electronic tones and textures to create an entrancing visual in your mind,  embracing the emotions that accompany the concept behind the artist’s audio vision.

Purchase your copy of the limited edition CD and microscopic photography book here.

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