myk. Releases 4 Track EP ‘Loyalty’

Tuesday 24th July // UK producer myk. last week released their 4 track EP ‘Loyalty‘ on creative sound label Opulent. The EP arrives after a 2 year hiatus which saw the artist release only a handful of single releases, including their contribution ‘Tuscon’ which featured on our 2017 compilation album ‘Saorsa‘. So what can we expect from the Manchester based producer on this occasion? Let’s take a listen.

The overall production value of the EP is perfectly executed. You have a great mixture of electronic composition and atmospheric sound design, a blend that flows well throughout each track. myk. has achieved this beautifully clean tidy mix that brings such precision to the EP, allowing each instrument to speak clearly in the mix. Track 3 titled ‘Rather Be With You’ is a perfect example of a well defined mix where the percussion, bass, strings and leads are extremely clean. Take a listen to when the percussion drops halfway through the track, I can hear what sounds like a slightly filtered preset running a soft distortion over the percussion whilst the rest of the instrumentation is so clean and precise, executing layers and placement in a well produced track. Here’s a little from myk. himself on what the EP is about and his intentions for the future.

“I want ‘Loyalty’ to be the start of a more frequent output from myself as I’ve not finished enough songs in the past year. The theme of the EP is all about loyalty and losing someone close to you. I’ve been writing music as myk for 7 years now and I feel as though I’ve matured as a musician over this period of time. Ultimately, I want my music to stand the test of time, this motivates me when I’m writing for myk.

I want to create emotional music that triggers a memory and just makes you feel something deep within. I’ve had this experience countless times listening to my favourite artists and I will revisit these songs for the rest of my life. That’s what drives me. I want to make music that people will keep coming back to because they have an emotional connection to it”

You can stream the EP in full on Spotify here, or purchase the EP via Juno here.



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