New Artist ‘MESH:GEN’ Releases First EP

The potential Essay side-project MESH:GEN has published its first 5 track EP named ‘Ė’


I came across this EP on accomplished Germany-based producer Essay’s SoundCloud page, and my curiosity was peaked. The account only had 2 followers, one of which being Essay himself, and was based out of Germany as well.

This was not on the blog schedule, but after listening through the EP, I had to write on it because I was blown away by the content. Not only is this seemingly an exciting new project being introduced by Essay, but the music being created is unique and beautiful.


Image from SoundCloud 

What to expect

Created under the name MESH:GEN, this EP is full of experimental ambient soundscapes that captured my ear. Each track is comprised of uniquely designed ambient atmospheres run through different filters and flangers that create an ethereal sound. Some tracks hold the same chord for minutes but are accented by different white noises and other pulsating synth-like effects.

You can hear the time put into each track, and the delicate touches given to make these pieces just right. As one who loves to experiment with my own soundscapes, I am astounded at the beauty in this ambient EP. While it seems unconventional to some, I see a beautifully artistic hand molding each of these pieces into pure art.

Each track is characterized by a series of numbers and letters, and my favorite piece is e78a865g394x. The 15 minute long deep pad that is accompanied by the most hauntingly beautiful female chorus melody. This track has been on repeat through my headphones since I heard it first last night.

Even if experimental ambience is not your cup of tea, I encourage you to give this EP a try.

If this is indeed Essay’s project, which it seems to be, thank you, friend.

Where to stream/purchase

The EP is available to stream on Soundcloud, which is embedded in the text above, or you can navigate below to Bandcamp where it is available for stream and purchase.



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