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Noetica CD Pre-orders End Sunday 14th July

Pre-orders for our two-part compialtion album “Noetica,” come to end at midnight on Sunday 14th July.

Featuring another 26 titles singles from returning label artists and new faces, ‘Noetica‘ is a fusion of ambient, Chillstep and future garage. 

Spanning across two parts, but brought together in a stunning double disc, 6 panel CD album, the complete album features 26 tracks from genres associated with the Insight brand.

‘Noetica’ is a 26 track compilation album on double disk CD featuring designed on a 6-panel digipack with a textured matt finish. Actual CD design may vary. Available for pre-order now.

CD Pre-order Will End Soon

A first for Insight Music.

It’s something I’ve seen a lot over the past 12 months, and I’m starting to understand why. At the time of writing this, I currently have four EPs/Albums on pre-order, which are due later this year, or maybe not at all. It’s a method that we’ve never trialed before, but I’m starting to think this approach is the new normal, and makes complete sense, both financially and environmentally.

To reduce overproduction and enhance efficiency while being environmentally conscious, we are releasing ‘Noetica’ as a special edition double-disc CD album through an extended pre-order period. This approach will help us determine the exact number of physical CDs to manufacture based on demand, allowing us to save on costs, reduce storage needs, and minimise overproduction.

  • 26-track double disk CD album
  • Features both Part_01 and Part_02 albums
  • Designed on a 6-panel Digipack
  • Printed on textured card

That makes this release incredibly rare, whilst we only manufacturer the total amount of pre-orders we’ve received during the pre-order period. They get manufactured, they arrive with us, we ship them directly to you and well, that’s it. Everyone who pre-ordered their copy receives one and we all hold on to something truly unique.

If this approach is something that interest you, you can support our ethos and pre-order your copy here.

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