Oliver Wickham Releases Debut Solo EP on Colorize

Canadian producer Oliver Wickham’s debut EP release on Colorize captures the essence of melodic progressive house music.

The EP, titled ‘Let’s Go Back / Machines / Heart and Mind,’ is a sublime release featuring vocals from Oliver himself, as well as immersive soundscapes, pulsating rhythms, and euphoric melodies. It perfectly defines the euphoric, feel-good genre and is a perfect addition to the Colorize label.

About the Artist

Oliver Wickham is a producer, DJ, and vocalist whose music is an eclectic blend of progressive house, techno, and classic rave influences.

By day, Oliver has a successful career as a music composer for film and television. By night, he performs alongside some of the biggest names in dance music such as Yotto, Qrion, Franky Wah.

In 2023, Oliver performed at Mystical Toronto as a headlining act alongside Nox Vahn and Guiseppe Ottaviani and is set to return as a headliner in 2024.

Canadian Producer and vocalist, Oliver Wickham, makes his solo label debut on Colorize with his latest EP.

About the EP

As I’m listening to the 3-track EP on Spotify, the EP is set up as a two parter, disk one featuring the original mixes, and disk two featuring the extended mixes.

It’s immediate production quality is incredible, it’s absolutely lush, perfect for this style of genre.

Released on Colorize, a sub label of Enhanced Music, the EP is a fitting blend of euphoric, chilled, and melodic house, rich in immersive soundscapes and pulsating rhythms.

EP Highlights

Now, as a fan of Kiasmos, there’s something about track one “Let’s Go Back” that really resonates with me. Maybe it’s that deep, punchy bass line and that arpeggiated synth line, it’s stunning. A beautiful. melodic piece that immediately set’s the energy of the EP.

Track two, “Machines,” is without a doubt my personal favourite from the EP. The vocal sample is hypnotic and mesmerising. It’s a progressive, atmospheric piece that feels cinematic at times, with its vast, open-world soundscapes that are truly immense. The powerful drop midway ties everything together, featuring distant synth melodies that seem just out of reach yet capture your consciousness.

Finally, track three, titled “Heart and Mind,” features gorgeous lyrics and vocals from Oliver himself. This track leans more towards a chilled vibe, with playful characteristics and swirling vocal harmonies that drift through the soundscape. Once again, the progression of the instrumentation stands out; it’s beautifully produced and creates a fascinating, heartwarming listening experience.

Release Date and Streaming

The EP released on 17th May 2024 and is available for streaming across all major streaming and download platforms.

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