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Ōri Release 4-track EP ‘Happier Days’ on Insight

Indian producer Ōri has released his first label EP titled ‘Happier Days’ on Insight that features a fusion of chilled atmospheric electronica.

Join us as we take a dive into the latest EP release from Ōri.

As a passionate advocate for emerging artists around the world, nothing brings me greater joy than discovering fresh and innovative talent and sharing their content with the world. Today is no exception.

Indian-based producer Ōri has certainly caught my attention with his emotionally dynamic release ‘Happier Days‘. Beginning with the beautifully calm and pleasant sounding ‘Happier Days Pt. I‘, the nostalgic vibes continue across track 2 ‘Moving Slowly‘ before we reach my favourite from EP.

The EP’s signature single is ‘Happier Days Pt. II‘ that is a standout piece taking the listener on a nostalgic journey to better days gone by. The track begins with a soft, gentle melody that gradually builds up to a crescendo of sounds, symbolising the ups and downs of life captured through life. The song’s captivating ambiance is a testament to Ōri’s ability to evoke emotions through his music.



The EP’s final track, ‘Why is the sky red,’ is a collaborative effort between Ōri and returning Insight artist Liquid Memoirs. The single exudes a subtle air of mystery, with its intricate percussion and soaring strings section lending a dynamic and lively energy to the track.

Release date and streaming

The EP was released on February 14th and is available for both download and streaming. Find your preferred streaming platform via our FanLink.

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