Owsey Announces Crowdfunding Campaign

The magic of Owsey’s captivating Irish folklore has been admired for years. From his euphoric remixes to his own melancholic releases, the inspirational artist is today asking for help in funding his 3rd official album release.

Without any doubt, the music of Owsey has played a significant role in the lives of many within our community. Whether your artistry is future-garage, chillwave or ambient, Owsey is a name instantly recognised by all. 


Known for painting imaginative landscapes through music, the Northern Ireland-based songwriter is looking to fund £7,000 via IndieGoGo to help write, record, manufacture and promote the album. The campaign will allow the artist to dedicate 3-4 months of his time to work on the album, whilst offering fantastic opportunities to fans.

I recently finished and released a new album titled “Atlas and The Cruel World,” 5 years on from my 1st album “To The Child Drifting Out At Sea.” As happy as I am with the new album, I felt like in retrospect a lot of things were left unsaid, and I want to use this platform to create a brand new and elaborate grand sequel album to Atlas. This new album will be much bolder in its scope, and will tell the ending to the story in a way that is more emotive and impacting. – Owen



Owsey’s dedication to music production stretches back over 10 years. The ‘Owsey Collection‘ on Bandcamp is recognised as a masterpiece in euphoric cinematic electronica, and with good reason. This album for many of us in 2013 became significant in the way we approached music production. I for one would admire the calming visuals of a far away world whilst listening to ‘I’ll Remain Under Our Antique Sky‘. Or reflect on past memories of heartache whilst falling endlessly into the atmospheric sounds of ‘The Last Smile From Sarah‘. The phrase “I Don’t Love you Anymore” was certain to break my heart every time.

As we move forward, we bring the music of the past with us, blessed of his incredible art playing such an important role during my time at university. I’m grateful for those moments of pure self-enlightenment when discovering singles like ‘Rhiannon‘, his majestic feel-good remix from Essay & Stumbleine, or sitting in awe when hearing his take on Birdy’sShelter‘.

Making music really is my life – I spend most of my days and nights creating it, and I would love nothing more than to continue doing this, and to grow as an artist and a person along the way, sharing songs consistently with all of you.



We welcome you all to support the magic of Owsey and his forthcoming album release. To find the full details of the amazing perks available, please visit the official Crowdfunding page. 


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