Owsey Presents ‘The Unending Quartet’, a 2009 Collaborative Project with Resotone

Owsey uncovers the magic of their 2009-2010 collaborative project ‘The Unending Quartet’ with friend and fellow producer Resotone.

As a long-term fan and supporter of everything Owsey, catching a glimpse of ‘New release from Owsey & Resotone‘ certainly caught all of my attention.

Summer vibes of 2013, ‘July, You & I‘ from Owsey & Resotone, a collaborative classic from two hugely inspiring producers during my time at university. However this collaborative project called ‘The Unending Quartet’, an archive of unreleased work from both producers during 2009-2010, I was completely unaware of.

Along with the publishing of the ‘Chronicles’ EP on Bandcamp, Owsey also wrote:

“The Unending Quartet was a project started by myself & Resotone that ran between 2009-2010. If you only know us for our more Ambient “beats” then this collection of music is going to be a surprise. I guess you could call it a sort of experimental trance that takes influence from both cinematic and heavy/hybrid dance music.”

I grew up admiring trance music, so I was pretty excited at the context of ambient experimental trance featuring these two! And honestly, the result is phenomenal. Not only does it capture that pure, almost innocent sounding foundation of Owsey’s signature sound, but the dance/trance execution is perfect! And yes, expect to hear that classic distant thunderstorm <3

“Dated as they may be, we still love these songs. Some of them steer more towards the “chilled” side of things, so hopefully you find something in there to enjoy. If you were around for these releases in the first place feel free to say hi.”


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