Parallel Highway Release ‘Dreaming of Electric Sheep’

The debut album from Parallel Highway blends pure atmospheric bliss with a futuristic concept.

The 36 minute atmospheric album is based on the futuristic concept of humans migrating to a new planet after the Earth has been rendered uninhabitable. We take a listen to the latest release from the ambient alias.


I often sit and wonder just how different life on another planet must feel. A world of mystery and curiosity, hope and fear, a strange yet familiar feeling of connection, a connection to home.

Ambient music has the capacity to complete these vivid imaginations of the unknown. I find that exploring the depths of the cosmos through a book whilst listening to ambient music truly focuses the mind and exhales a powerful sense of imagination and pleasure.


A Short Story

Whilst listening through the 8-track album ‘Dreaming of Electric Sheep‘ by Parallel Highway, I understand their album concept. This is story of sorrow, guilt and shame, a transition of hope and wonder for future generations. A place to start over.

The album itself is a magical journey, with the titles of each track focusing on a certain aspect of our adventure together. A longing for a new world is very much the feeling as our story commences, however shadowed by these deeper feelings of shame.

Droning atmospheric pads calm our anxiety before we say our last farewell to a world that deserved better. A few refuse to let go, whilst others sigh their last goodbye. As the earth fades we stand together, with prized memories at the focal point of each others minds.

The anticipation of a new world begins to take its place as we enter the middle section of the album. The comforting sounds of earth replaced with the vibrant arpeggiated sounds a new and diverse world.

Harmony is once again restored as our curiosity to wonder becomes clear. No longer following the solar time of the earth, we ask ourselves..

What Day Is It?


This really is a beautiful concept album that focuses on a transition of time, a stunning run of compositions that bring to life the power of ambient music.

Available on all digital outlets such as Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp, we hope you enjoy the latest album release from Parallel Highway.

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