Phelian releases debut studio album Quadrivium

New Orleans’ rising Future Garage talent Phelian is releasing his debut studio album Quadrivium on 31.03.2018.

Phelian is swiftly becoming renowned for his ethereal soundscapes. His distinctive Ambient Future Garage sound sees powerful deep bass amalgamate with haunting melodies and soulful vocal allegories where melancholy and ecstasy elegantly coalesce. The multi-instrumentalist intelligently crafts a sonic elixir that is captivating, evocative, soothing- spiritual. Organic success of tracks such as “Lost”, currently at 1 million views on YouTube, “Do You Know” and “Withering Flower” are testament to his global reach.

Quadrivium is the US producer’s first studio-length album. Named after the four classical arts of arithmetic, geometry, music and cosmology; the album is a reflection of Phelian’s education and philosophical life-path. The eleven-track body of work is an exploration of introspection, each track inspired by projections of the producer’s aspirations for the future- love, inspiration, mindfulness- spiritual union. The album is a mature body of work, an emotive electronic journey that is more down tempo than the artist’s earlier works yet staying true to his music origins of cinematic soundscapes.

Last year saw the release of Phelian’s Luna EP, collaboration with German producer Ambyion entitled Grey Unknown and at the end of 2017 compilation album Soarsa, featured on Skrillex’s Nest HQ. The Electronic artist has garnered support from Fluidified, Wavevision and dynmk and has been championed by Insight Music. Phelian has earned a rapidly growing loyal following and 2018 is set to be a dynamic year for the innovative artist.

Quadrivium is out on 31.03.18. Pre-order it here.

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