Phelian Releases Intimate Piano EP ‘Reworks’

'Reworks' is an 8-track album featuring piano covers of their previous work. Released in 2022.

Insight label artist Phelian self-releases the 7-track piano EP ‘Reworks’ via Bandcamp.


Hailing from New Orleans, USA, Phelian swiftly became renowned for his ethereal soundscapes and distinctive ambient future garage sound. ‘Reworks’ takes a step back, exploring a deeper meaning to their original work.

“For a while I’ve wanted to take a step back and re-examine some of my old tracks and try to rediscover the compositions in a stripped down and more intimate format. This release is the culmination of that desire. For me these arrangements have brought on a new meaning to the original mixes and it is my hope you discover something deeper and more meaningful as well.”

Having collaborated with Ambyion and Lazarus Moment on two exclusive Insight releases, as well as a series of single contributions on our compilation albums, Phelian is an incredibly talented individual who we’re honoured to work with.

You can catch their Insight interview alongside their 2021 album contribution ‘Midnight’ via their artist profile here.

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