Pre-Order ‘Mourner VIP / Voynich’ by Sorrow

New Releasing on 26th October, Bristol based producer Sorrow drops their forthcoming 2-track EP ‘Mourner VIP / Voynich’ on Fent Plates.


Arriving later this month, legendary producer Sorrow will release their forthcoming EP on Fent Plates, with a limited run of vinyl available to pre-order via Bandcamp.

Having released hugely influential releases such as ‘Hieroglyphics’ and ‘Art is Dead‘, Sorrow has been at the forefront in promoting future garage.


The limited edition 10″ record features full colour centre labels in black paper sleeves slipped into a full colour 3mm spine out jacket with rough matt finish.

You can take a listen to the forthcoming release from Sorrow below, or pre-order the digital/vinyl EP on Bandcamp here.

Read about the 2021 re-release of their iconic ‘Art is Dead’ EP here.


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