Pre-Order Now Open for ‘Inner Sanctum’ EP by Lazarus Moment on Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl

Lazarus Moment 2023 vinyl record EP 'Inner Sanctum' on 12" crystal clear vinyl.

We are overjoyed to unveil the highly anticipated 4-track EP, ‘Inner Sanctum,’ crafted by the talented Swedish producer, Lazarus Moment!

Immerse yourself in the music with the rich warmth of analogue – ‘Inner Sanctum’ is now available for pre-order on a breathtaking ‘crystal clear’ record, shipping out from the UK on Monday 11th December.

Lazarus Moment’s latest EP is a result of pushing creative boundaries using a diverse array of ‘out-of-the-box’ hardware, such as the Polyend Play, KORG Nts-1, KORG Electribe Sampler 2, Yamaha MT3X Tape Deck, Alesis Quadraverb, Ibanez Semi Acoustic Guitar, and Korg X3.

Experience music in its purest form, crafted with passion and precision.

“Inner Sanctum tells a story of self-discovery, melancholy, happiness, and hope.” – Lazarus Moment

Infused With Character and Emotion

When asked about the inspiration behind ‘Inner Sanctum,’ Lazarus Moment explains:

“The EP wants to describe sonically how tones, frequencies, and rhythms are everywhere and connecting us, forming structures and patterns that can be found in both highly organised configurations and in completely random places.”

‘Inner Sanctum’ is a fusion of ethereal soundscapes, melodious instrumentals, and lush dynamic textures, that is available on limited edition 12″ vinyl, featuring a stunning ‘crystal clear’ record design, and mastered by Chris Pavey and Chris Pavey Mastering. View the product page for the vinyl here, which also includes a special bundle package from Lazarus Moment.

Lazarus Moment 2023 vinyl record EP 'Inner Sanctum' on 12" crystal clear vinyl.
Lazarus Moment 2023 vinyl record EP ‘Inner Sanctum’ on 12″ crystal clear vinyl. Edition of 100 only.

Pre-order and Shipping

Physical copies of ‘Inner Sanctum’ begin shipping from the UK on Monday 11th December, with the full EP launching digitally on Friday 15th December. We have also bundled up both Lazarus Moment physical releases on Insight, which features ‘Inner Sanctum’ and the 2019 debut album release ‘Tales From the Edge of the Forest’ on CD.

Be sure to check out the product page for the vinyl here and enjoy the vinyl on release day!

Prefer to purchase on Bandcamp? We also have the vinyl available over on our Bandcamp page too as well as a couple of rare test pressings!

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