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Revisiting Cobalt Rabbit’s 2016 Release ‘Isolationist’

It’s been almost 5 years since our release of the EP ‘Isolationist’ by Cobalt Rabbit, let’s take a peek into the past.

Dive a little more into the life of Cobalt Rabbit with their 2017 Insight interview here.


With the social and musical success of USA Based producer Cobalt Rabbit, we at Insight Music wanted to take a trip back to 2016 to commemorate the beautiful Isolationist EP that did so well. Blessing us with the nostalgic sound of mid 2010s future garage and ambient, we are continually proud to be the host of such art, and love watching the evolution of Cobalt Rabbit to this day.


This EP is one of the most Foley-rich atmospheric works I have heard. Delicate intro and outro pieces have countless effects mixed into the atmospheres that wash over you (headphones are a must-have).

The body of the EP is simply beautiful, a perfect display of future garage and chillout at its finest. Piano melody with supportive vocal melody takes you on a journey fueled by percussion and bass lines. If you are a newer follower of Cobalt Rabbit or of Insight Music, take a listen through this work!

Again, we are proud to be the ones to still bring this passion filled EP that is standing against the test of time.


Released in 2016, ‘Isolationist’ became our first ever cassette release.



The EP is available to stream most everywhere, including Spotify and Apple Music. The EP can be purchased via Bandcamp, where limited edition cassettes are also available, featuring the tape only single ‘Soma’.

Why not take a listen to a cassette rip of the EP in full below.


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