‘Revolving Shores’ – Graffiti Welfare’s Cosmic Voyage Through Nostalgia

Embark on a mesmerising odyssey of sound as Graffiti Welfare invites us to navigate the depths of his album, ‘Revolving Shores’.

Graffiti Welfare effortlessly reveals his prowess as a producer and composer, leading listeners through an immersive journey of self-discovery and contemplation.

From the loss of his grandparents to the search for deeper meaning, every track from their album ‘Revolving Shores‘ encapsulates a profound sense of continuity and cyclicality. Through the luminous reverb and ethereal vocals that permeate the album, the artist creates an ethereal realm where one can float amidst a psychedelic symphony, evoking emotions of detachment, dissociation, and ultimately, the raw essence of our human experience.

“The response from new fans and general feedback for Revolving Shores continue to humble me. After spending years locked away in basements and attics, recording and mixing all-nighters, I’m still surprised to hear whenever someone says they love it.” – George Lattimore, Graffiti Welfare

Denver-based producer Graffiti Welfare at his home studio where the album ‘Revolving Shores’ was recorded

Music Review

Our journey begins with the delightful single ‘To Be It‘, a soothing and mediative composition that evokes feeling of joy and serenity. What truly elevates the single to a transcendent level is the inclusion of a powerful quote from the late Alan Watts, a renowned philosopher and spiritual teacher. His words, carefully integrated within the music, resonate beautifully and deepen the emotional impact of the composition.

As we progress through the album, we encounter standout singles such as ‘Good News‘ and ‘Volume‘, where the pulsating rhythm and infectious energy reach new heights. The album takes on a captivating blend of contemporary sound with nostalgic nods to 80s electro-pop. These tracks incorporate an array of trippy effects, such as mesmerising delayed vocals adorned with a chorus effect.

‘Volume’ is certainly a signature single from the album, which features an accompanying music video that is executed flawlessly, complementing the release in a remarkable way.

I personally derived great enjoyment from the single ‘Seashell,’ the closing track of the album. It exudes a lighthearted and harmonious vibe, filled with delightful electronic elements that serve as a fitting conclusion to our musical journey. The addition of swooshing synthesizer effects infuses a playful tone throughout the single, creating a thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable experience

“It remains highly personal yet minimalistic enough for anyone with headphones and a need for adventure to get lost in. I just hope when they wake up on the other side, they’re smiling and satisfied.” – George Lattimore, Graffiti Welfare

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on 17th June 2022 and is available to stream on Spotify. You can support Graffiti Welfare by following them on the following channels: Instagram, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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