Russian Producer Pensees Releases ‘Completion’

Thursday 12th July // Russian producer Pensees last week released their latest work to the community, a 9 track atmospheric future-garage classic titled ‘Completion‘. We had a brief chat with Pensees over on Soundcloud about their latest release and to discover a little more about their background. Here’s what they had to say..

“‘Completion’ is a selection of material that has never been published, a  majority of tracks which were originally forgotten but have now resurfaced. For us, this album is the way to a new level in oeuvre and to creating music in general. There are some ideas for trying ourselves in different genres and directions (without leaving our main style).

One of the key moments that influenced the perception and creation behind this particular album is a mental issue that changes the real world into some strange and detached from reality.”

Be sure to support Pensees on Soundcloud here and purchase the album via Bandcamp here.

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