‘Saorsa’ 12 Months On

This week we celebrate the 12 month anniversary of our 14 track compilation album ‘Saorsa‘, released on the 30th October 2017.


The album features music from some of the most inspirational producers of the underground scene such as Ambyion, Vacant, Enzalla, Soular Order, Kant Sleep, Phelian and more. The album design and title were inspired by my time in the Scottish Highlands last year, with ‘Saorsa’ being the Scottish Gaelic for ‘Freedom‘.

‘Saorsa’ was more than just a compilation album, it was a selection of compositions that define the artistic flow that runs throughout the community. Euphoria, sadness, regret, pleasure, all of these emotions are captured within the 58 minutes of the album, helping to feed the minds of those longing for emotional electronica. We were blessed to feature such dedicated artists, an act which shows the true commitment these talented producers have for helping others and shining more light on the underground.

Vacant is a producer I have personally known for the past 5 years, a hardworking, committed and extremely heartfelt individual who has shown great support towards Insight. I was keen to have him master the entire album as I had always been inspired by his production style and defining sound. Every track on this album I love dearly, which I personally believe resonates the sound of Insight Music.


Available on limited edition CD via Bandcamp.



Since the release, ‘Saorsa’ has been available to stream on all digital outlets as well as purchase on CD via Bandcamp and our official website. There is also an extremely rare copy of the cassette version currently out there in Europe, a one-off demo before unforeseen circumstances meant the cassette version had to be cancelled. If you’re the holder of the cassette and you’re currently reading this, be sure to keep hold of that tape!

The design and overall feel of the CD were very important to me as I really wanted the physical album to feel special. The design was by Alice Radford and features a selection of photographs taken by myself and Alice when we visited the Scottish Highlands for the first time last year, an occasion I felt extremely overwhelmed by due to the pure beauty of the country. The album artwork was taken on a vintage Canon AE-1 film camera and was captured on the south side of Loch Ness. The CD comes as a digipack with a special 8-page booklet featured inside and is printed on 100% recycled card stock.

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