Scranton-based Multi-instrumentalist Broey. Releases Electrifying New EP, “Fragments”

Inspired by the sound of multiple artists and creative expressions, Scranton-based multi-instrumentalist Broey. releases their latest work, “Fragments.”

We take a listen to the 6-track EP that was written and produced from start to finish, as well as hearing from the artist themselves about the incredibly positive vibes of the EP and highlighting two of our favourite tracks. 

“Fragments” is my electrifying odyssey through the vibrant world of dance music, blending the pulsating rhythms and infectious energy that first ignited my love for electronic music. – Broey.

About the Artist

Introducing “Broey.“, an accomplished musician and a true aficionado of sound who boasts over 15 years of expertise in crafting various genres within electronica.

Influenced by a myriad of artists and creative expressions, Broey’s work is bound to no single genre. Among his notable accomplishments are being spotlighted on curated playlists by Spotify and Apple Music, achieving chart success in the realms of lo-fi and drum and bass/jungle across multiple countries, and garnering airplay on Sirius XM and various local radio stations.

Broey.’s latest release “Fragments” is a mosaic of inspirations, pieced together to craft a sonic experience that feels familiar and refreshingly new

About the Album

When listening through the “Fragments“, I believe Broey.’s depiction of it as “electrifying” truly resonates. With its upbeat tempo, infectious rhythm, and radiant positivity, this 6-track EP serves as the perfect accompaniment to the arrival of Spring.

Brimming with euphoric, feel-good vibes and irresistibly catchy rhythms, it’s virtually impossible not to be swept away by its energy.

“The track order on this EP is the order which I made them. So you can see how my thought process evolved across the tracks as I pull new techniques and motifs.”

Album Highlights

I absolutely love the opening single “Like That.

Inspired by a recent music festival, Broey. returned home with the sound of music well and truly on his mind. Thinking of ways to recreate the vibe of being in the crowd, he got to work on creating the single.

Its pulsating rhythm immediately grabs your attention, with its nostalgic vocal chops reminiscent of The Prodigy and their high-energy fusion of infectious beats and synths. The single is a fantastic opening track for the EP that has plenty of variation and sets the tone for the remaining tracks.

“Like That” was a big change for me in terms of sound as I made it after returning home from a music festival. I was thinking of ways to recreate something that reminded me of the vibe of being in the crowd at that festival. When I made Like That, I had no expectations of making an entire EP, but as I continued to expand on that sound and feeling, I ended up with this diverse collection of sounds that are different but still encompass my sonic fingerprint and theme.”

As I was listening through the EP writing this review, there was certainly one track that really resonated with me. Track three is titled “Wanted” and it’s one of the more downtempo pieces on the EP.

Though it retains the EP’s energy and pulsating rhythm seamlessly, its vibe takes on a more laid-back tone. This is achieved through the incorporation of gorgeous vocal melodies, delightful backing harmonies, and drifting filters, culminating in a serene atmosphere.

“After making “Run For Cover” (track two) in just under 24 hours for a tail’s (tailsxbeats) live stream event – I remember making a really cool sequenced synth sound that I used in “Run For Cover” that was so captivating to me, that I exported it and imported it into a brand new project. I then used that single stem and built other elements around it until it eventually progressed into “Wanted.”

The EP as a whole offers a captivating experience, clocking in at just under 25 minutes. As mentioned earlier, its infectious rhythm and pulsating bassline encapsulate the essence of dance music. Broey.’s production quality shines consistently throughout the EP, exuding positivity and an upbeat sound that captivates the listener.

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on 29th March 2024 and can be streamed via Spotify and Apple Music.

You can also support Broey. on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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