Slovakian Ambient Producer Tondchee Releases ‘Body of Water’ on Insight Music

Slovakian producer Tondchee releases their first feature-length album ‘Body of Water‘ on Insight Music, a 7-track ambient album composing of soft distant melodies that enhance feelings of bliss, comfort and solitude. Combining with material earlier released in the artists career, the album also features new and unreleased sounds that in all deliver a beautifully structured journey of emotional ambient.

I’d call it a diary. With ups and downs, exploring interpersonal relationships, the journey to become a better person, to transform one’s self and, well, love.stated Tondchee when asked about the concept and emotion surrounding the album. At just 17 years old, Tondchee is an artist who we feel has incredible potential and talent to represent the Ambient community. We’ll soon be releasing a full-length interview with the artist shortly.

Available on both digital and physical formats, ‘Body of Water’ can now be streamed, downloaded and purchased via all major digital platforms. Find your preferred platform here.

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