Solace Releases Ambient EP ‘isolate’

Toronto based ambient producer Solace releases 2 track atmospheric EP ‘isolate’.


If you have read a few of my past blogs, you know I have a soft spot for experimental and atmospheric ambient music. This may not be the longest EP, but after listening through the tracks Solace created, I had to write something on it.

About this EP

The first track, 8_2020_2_23, is a beautiful display of how over-driving/over-compressing your atmospheres can lead to a perfect sound. There are countless layers to this piece, but the ones pushed through all the effects create a gritty and powerful sound. Though only 59 seconds long, it is a beautiful introduction to the 6 minute long track ‘demon of hatred‘. I will leave this title up to your interpretation.

The first two minutes of this final piece are are almost hypnotic. When I first listened, I zoned out instantly following the intricate pulsing high-register pads. Again, a masterful use of over-compression was used to create a beautiful texture each time these pads pulsed in and out. At 1:55, a distorted voice utters “Can you hear me?” We hear you Solace.

This triggers the body of this track. Buried piano chords strike with the introduction of the mid and low range atmospheres, and quickly this track is filled out and surrounding your headphones. A pulsing arpeggio accompanies the ambience, giving the track a distinct sense of movement, and again, a hypnotic one. I can’t quite tear myself away from this EP. This is one of the most beautiful and masterful displays of ambience I have come across recently.

Where to Stream/Purchase

This EP is available to stream on Spotify, and available to purchase via the Bandcamp link below. Happy dreaming.


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