Sorrow – My Love (Spheriá’s Rework)

Wednesday 26th April // It’s been a pretty tough few months, personally I’m not finding much luck securing a career, which in all fairness is becoming incredibly challenging. I have a goal and I have a vision, but the reality of how much I’ve been struggling is really starting to hit hard. I’ve had several interviews and have challenged finding work in an industry which is forever growing, but it’s a tough nut to crack for sure. It’s not all doom and gloom however, I actually have a second interview coming up this Friday and that element of hope and success is finally starting to appear again.

My reasoning behind this blog post is this. For months I’ve struggled, many emotions have come and gone, but music like this rework of ‘My Love‘ still creates a stunningly beautiful stillness that I long for. It’s powerful, it’s emotional and it makes me want to smile and cry. It’s exactly what I need to hear, breathe and appreciate at this moment in my life.

Music like this has a much deeper core then we first initially think, there are feelings sustained within us that are released when our heart finally catches a glimpse of something greater than what we perceive. I am forever grateful for all of these genres that carry such meaning and passion to this world.

Take a listen to Spheriá’s rework of ‘My Love‘ below, originally written by Sorrow.

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