Soular Order Releases ’01/21 (A Live Album for Jamuary)’

Established Manchester-based ambient producer Soular Order has released his latest 7 track live album recording for our listening pleasure.


There is something uniquely pure about sitting down and playing music with little to no prior thought or goal except to make something beautiful. Soular Order is an artist I personally have followed for years, and his inclination towards evocative and beautiful music is something special. He shows us this natural inclination with his live ambient jams that wash over you like a wave of bliss.


Album image by Daniel Mirlea.


What Can You Expect?

As stated in the description of the album, Soular Order tells us that, “All 7 tracks were performed and recorded live with minimal post processing.” Each of the 7 tracks are filled with beautiful atmospheres that are rich with emotion. I can only imagine the depths of Soular Order’s creative mind when listening to these beautiful tracks that tug at the most personal intimate parts of my soul. Soft sub lines ever so gently pull some of these tracks along as they continue to evolve and develop.

The track “Hiraeth” struck me especially as there are the softest pads and atmospheres that sweep beneath bright plucks and arpeggios. Closing your eyes is inevitable when listening to this entire album, but especially this specific track. You are brought such a sense of peace that calms you to your core, which is much needed in the days we live in now. If you have headphones, they are a must for this listening experience.

Where to Stream/Purchase.

For one of your listen throughs, I also encourage you to watch the album on youtube, where Soular Order has posted the recordings of the album, which can be found here.

Or, follow the bandcamp link below.



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