Soular Order Releases Ambient Single ‘Of Light’

Wednesday 3rd October // Manchester-based producer and podcast presenter Jon Maynard (Soular Order), recently shared with us the ambient single ‘Of Light‘ taken from their forthcoming EP ‘From Infinity to Here’, available from Monday 8th October. As a personal idol of mine, I felt compelled to write a little about my connection with the ever-inspiring music of Soular Order.

I discovered Soular Order back in 2013 when I stumbled upon the still iconic ‘From Here‘ EP, a 5-track collection of some of the purest in creative ambient and straight up chilled electronica. I was living away from home at the time, studying music technology at university. It was music like this which inspired me to learn more about computer music and to learn more about the production process of emotional electronica. The highlight of the EP was without a doubt track 2 ‘I’ll Find You‘ featuring Lambert McGaughy & Nori, this was a track I would play day in day out on my walk into university, it was everything I needed to hear at that moment in my life.

His 2016 single release ‘Up Ahead‘ will always have a spot in my top 5 picks, no questions asked, I even wrote how inspired and emotionally connected I became with that track back in March 2017 which you can read here.

Jon is one of the most respected voices in the underground electronica scene and a true ambassador of the community. Throughout the many years of our relationship, he has dedicated his time to helping Insight publish compilation albums as well as his continued support towards charity foundations through music. He is the owner of both City By Night Records and Future Astronauts and has a fantastic eye for website design (seriously, have you seen how beautiful those websites look?!). All of this and he still finds the time to write, produce and release music, under two separate aliases.. Check out his second project Drohves. for all your chill, lounge and lo-fo needs.

Jon was kind enough to share with us a little more about the forthcoming EP release:

“It’s an ambient 4 track EP called ‘From Infinity to Here’. It starts off with a kind of murky ambient sound, almost melancholic, then moves into a piano piece before the final track which is much wider, more uplifting. The idea is coming through the darkness to find light, looking forward as if everything in the past has led up to this moment.”

You can listen to the single ‘Of Light’ below via the artists Soundcloud page. The EP will be available to stream and purchase on Monday 8th October.

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