Soular Order – Up Ahead

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Friday 3rd March // It’s cold, wet and extremely overcast, so spending the day inside isn’t a bad idea. I’m sat here listening through a list of tracks I’ve favourited over the years when suddenly this track comes on. ‘Up Ahead’ by Soular Order is an atmospheric instrumental piece which I’ve been in love with ever since it’s release back in May 2016.

I’ve always thought that my life had been pretty eventful, growing up in my hometown of Sheffield certainly had It’s highlights, but there were low points too. There were things I did back then which I’m not proud of, things that shaped me into who I am today, but I can’t dwell on things that have already been and gone, I have to look ahead and continue to shape my future. That old saying “To be old and wise, first you have to be young and stupid” hopefully that’s coming into full effect.

There are certain feelings I get when I listen to atmospheric / ambient music, feelings of comfort, passion and solitude. It’s emotional electronica and It’s been that way for years, a genre that matures with me rather than fall aside. This isn’t a genre I can ignore, this has become who I am, what I live and breathe for.

I would never class myself as a musician, I play a few instruments and occasionally produce the odd track or two, but I find more pleasure in sharing that experience with an artist who intended for their music to be absorbed rather than heard. This track ‘Up Ahead’ is one of those selected few that speaks to me in ways unimaginable, like a movie reel flickering through my head, searching for moments of pleasure and comfort, resulting in an extremely euphoric listening experience.

I highly encourage everyone who reads this to take a listen to the track, It gives me great pleasure and I hope we can all relate in enjoying that experience together.

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