Sounds to Hear Alone: Emerald Suspension’s Experimental Journey

Emerald Suspension, the avant-garde musical project known for pushing the boundaries of sound and experimentation, has released their fifth full-length album, ‘Sounds to Hear Alone.’

From a spoken word Edgar Allen Poe poem, to sheet metal drone via a signal generator, we explore the unique world crafted by Emerald Suspension and delve into the creative process behind this intriguing collection of music.

This highly anticipated album ‘Sounds to Hear Alone‘, unveiled on the 17th of October 2023, offers a mesmerising journey into the realms of ambient, drone, experimental, and noise music.

The tracks are imbued with a sense of solitude and introspection, allowing you to get lost in your own thoughts and emotions.

What To Expect

‘Sounds to Hear Alone’ offers a diverse soundscape with each track providing a unique listening experience.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this album is the origin of its tracks. Emerald Suspension drew inspiration from short-form videos they had created over the past few years. These videos, initially designed as multi-media pieces, contained audio that resonated as potential standalone musical gems. The decision to reimagine, rerecord, and remaster this audio has given rise to the tracks that make up the album.

The album boasts a unique sound with a notably ominous tone, delving deeply into the richly dynamic spectrum of experimental ambient music. It exudes an air of obscurity and wonder, immersing the listener in an abyss of gloomy, atmospheric sound design that is nothing short of mesmerising and nearly hypnotic.

For me, the single ‘Place and Time‘ became a source of solace, an enchanting and melodic dystopian soundscape that instantaneously seized my imagination. Within its broken electronic wasteland, I discovered myself adrift, distanced from civilisation, and utterly disconnected from the world. Once more, it is the brilliance of the sound design and the hypnotic melody that permits you to wander boundlessly through your thoughts.

The album is a testament to the idea that art and creativity are ever-evolving, and the ability to repurpose and reimagine one’s work can yield remarkable results.

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on 17th October 2023 and can be streamed via Spotify here.

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