Spaceouters Releases ‘Reflections’

Russian producer Spaceouters shares their latest album release ‘Reflections’, exploring the depths of chilled atmospheric future garage.


Available to download now via Bandcamp, the 9-track album features the exquisite work of Spaceouters. Having released iconic tracks such as ‘Going Home (with Menual)‘, ‘Fireflies‘, ‘Summerpark‘, and more, the artist once again delivers in producing a captivating selection of art.

What can we expect to hear? 

The chilled, almost euphoric, sounds of atmospheric future garage, resonating throughout the album. My personal highlight ‘Trauma‘ is certainly a single that speaks to me of the artists true talent. Amazing sound design complemented with their skill in producing a high-quality sounding album, a majestic collection of work.

“Reflections” is my third album that further explores the sound of Future Garage, Chillout and Ambient genres, just like the two previous LP’s I released in the past. The concept behind this release is pretty simple – it’s more of a collection of moods and vibes rather than a story and it depicts some of the interesting stuff I’ve felt throughout this year. So it made good sense for me to name it “Reflections”, as I hope people will reflect upon their on lifes while listening to this music.” – Spaceouters



Enjoy the album via the Bandcamp link below, or stream on Spotify here.



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